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Medicare Patient Information    

Sign up early. You can sign up three months before your birthday or as late as three months after without any penalties.

Open enrollment begins on Oct 15 - Dec 7 2017 - for Medicare Part D Prescription Insurance 2017.

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Link to Medicare eligibility.

http://www.medicare.gov/MedicareEligibility/home.asp?version=default &browser=IE%7C8%7CWinXP&language=English.

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Excellent Customer Service

Order your refills online and save time.

Neighborhood Vaccination drive -–       Call for details...

We can deliver your medications  for  Free.


· Ask our Pharmacists about managing your prescriptions including monitoring the side effects of the medications. We will intervene by calling your Medical Doctor on your behalf regarding drug interactions of your medications and also possible side effects.

· Also ask our Pharmacists about the safety of your Over-the-counter medications (OTCs).

· If you are not sure of the shape or color of the medications you have, you can call our Pharmacists for identification of the medication.

· We offer low cost generic medications and also 100s of $4.00 medications.  

· We offer automatic refills and also call your Medical Doctor for any prescriptions without refills and deliver them to your door step.

· Did you wake up with a bad cold and you need advice about what to take especially with your Prescription Medication or your medical condition? Call our knowledgeable Pharmacists for advice.

Did you fill your prescriptions at another Pharmacy? You can call us and we will transfer the prescriptions for you and deliver them to your doorstep without any hassle.

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